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Many of you had or have heard of bad experiences with Artificial Insemination. That is NOT going to happen when you Breed your mares to Coal Miner. We have over 20 years of Breeding Experience using Artificial Insemination. The University of Tennessee through TWHBEA trained Doug to Artificially Inseminate horses. He received further hands on training through the breeding manager of Water Fall Farms. Since we were trained to do this in house, we make it easier for you and we keep your cost down. 

Take a moment, read our story below that may shed a different light & understanding why this way of breeding is easier, more effective and safer for your mares than live cover. Well show you how...

When you bring your mare to our Farm, we artificially inseminate her at NO COST to you. Here is our procedure for breeding at our Farm. We ultrasound your mare/mares to determine follicle size in order for us to determine the optimum time/times to breed. Vet charges for an ultrasound are around $30 but we do not charge if you want us to ultrasound your mare. When it is time to breed we collect Coal Miner (on a dummy horse), check the semen under the microscope and sperm counter to make sure the maximum amount of sperm is used, then we inseminate your mare. We use a minimum of 500,000,000 (500 million) sperm per breeding at the Farm and 1,000.000,000 (One Billion) per breeding when shipping.  We ultrasound 16 days after our last breeding, to confirm your mare is safe in foal. 

There are many benefits to Artificial Insemination

1) No DANGER of hurting the Stallion or Mare 
2) No DISEASE is passed to the stallion or mare 
3) All of your semen goes directly into the uterus  
4) Timing is more predictable since Artificial Insemination is immediate and live cover takes semen approximately 8 hours to go through the cervix and into the uterus. 

When Shipping: 
1) It is more Economical and Convenient  due to time, cost of travel and mare care. 
2) Your mare is at home especially if she has a foal by her side.

Our goal is to make breeding to Coal Miner as easy and low cost to you as possible.  Read a more detailed explanation of our Breeding and  Artificial Insemination Contracts to the right above.
Coal Miner was Genetically Tested: A/A 
(Homozygous for Agouti)and N/Cr (one cream Gene) at the University of California, Davis. 

He produces a high percentage of Buckskin and Palomino and will never produce a Smokey Black.

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Ripley's Speed Racking Horses
Ripley's Speed Racking Horses
Coal Miner carries all the qualities of EZD Rowdy horses. Built strong and solid with black hard hoofs ready to climb any terrain like a mountain goat. Beautiful thick mane and tail with long forelock. He is absolutely stunning. We Thank God for Coal Miner. He is a Blessing to us and our farm.

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