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Ripley's Speed Racking Horses
Ripley's Speed Racking Horses
This three year old blood bay filly with all black points has the same sire as Rev. Homer, "Star Challenge".  Her dam is a home grown standardbred from KY who is in the 20's mph and smooth as silk.  She has an incredible front end and is impressing all of us.  She is getting faster and faster but is willing to come down to a slow walk and has a slow rack that is incredible.  She is such a smooth ride and is constantly learning and getting better. She is a natural in the mountains and on the trail.  She will cross anything and go anywhere you point her.  She is so much fun to ride.   Next year she will go into my herd of broodmares. She should be in the mid-twenties by then.  All she needs is for me to ride her more. I don't desire to sell her but if I did it would cost you.
Here is what you have been looking for all your life.  This eight year old gorgeous black gelding is 15 hands and is a full standardbred.  He is registered SHOBA.  He has been there and done that, so he is ready to take you on the ride of a life time either on the road or on the trail.  He is smooth as silk and will consistently travel 20-22 mph and can make 25 when he is ridden up.  He is gentle and smart and wants to please.  He has the conformation and color with the great standardbred blood lines.  Call Doug @ 256-303-0603. 
Black As Midnight
Undertaker Bury'em in Rawhide
Here she is, beautiful chestnut filly whose dam is a direct daughter of The Virginia Undertaker, a WGC Speed Racking Stallion, and her sire is The Virginia Coal Miner a direct son of Rowdy Rawhide.  This girl is put together right and will have the speed.  All of my babies are handled and taught to lead and tie the first day they are born. She will have the standardbred trot and the Racking horse smooth gait.  Buy her now while she is on her mommy with a down payment and pay her off when she is weaned.   Call Doug @ 256-303-0603. 
This is a three year old buckskin stud colt that is out of Rocket and double Rowdy bred.  He is well broke and very gentle.  He is in the high teens and only getting faster.  He has only been under saddle a few months, he was late getting under saddle. He will mature at 15 hands like his siblings.  He will make someone a wonderful riding horse and an excellent breeding stallion. He has not been bred and I can train him to mount a Dummy so you can collect him without having a mare in heat.  Call Doug @ 256-303-0603.