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Ripley's Speed Racking Horses
Ripley's Speed Racking Horses
THE HORSE INDUSTRY HAS CHANGED OVER THE LAST FEW YEARS.  BREEDING AND RAISING BABIES IS DOWN OVER 80-90%.  THAT MEANS THERE ARE FEWER AND FEWER REALLY GOOD HORSES OUT THERE. THAT IS WHY WE HAVE CONTINUED TO RAISE THE BEST HORSES MONEY WILL BUY.  You are getting the Rowdy Rawhide bloodline crossed with mares out of the best bloodlines in the breed.   We believe a great sire and a great dam make a fantastic offspring.  It has taken a few years for Coal Miner to prove himself as a great producer and now his babies are out there telling his story.  These babies go fast so call now and make a deposit, you will be glad you did.
This beautiful golden palomino with white mane and tail is 3/4 Standardbred.  I purchased my direct Virginia Undertaker mare over two years ago and this is her first baby.  Wow!   These are resent pictures of her at about 10 months old. If you love the Undertaker Blood Line you will want this baby girl out of my direct Rowdy Rawhide stallion, The Virginia Coal Miner.  You will not only be getting two of the best bloodlines in the industry, you are getting color, conformation and speed.  This girl isn't only pretty she is smart and she will be fast..  If you want to own her, call me at 256-303-0603.  Doug Ripley  
 Rawhide's Painted Double
Wow!  A dream comes true.  This boy is a Double Rowdy bred spotted colt who is also homozygous. These are resent pictures of him at about 1 week old. If you love the Rawhide Blood Line you will love this boy.  He is out of my spotted mare that is out of my Rowdy Rawhide stallion, The Virginia Coal Miner and my old Marshall Dillon Mare.  His sire is my spotted Stallion, Rawhide's Flash of Lightning, that is a direct son of Rawhide's Lightning and a Mr. Bojangles's mare.  I am so thankful to our Lord Jesus for such a gift.  His potential will be incredible as a ride and a breeding Stallion.  He is not for sale.  
2X'S Rowdy Girl
This filly is a beautiful buckskin out of my Rowdy bred mare and out of my Rowdy Rawhide stallion, The Virginia Coal Miner.   All of her siblings have been fast and trotty.  Her conformation speaks for itself.  She leads and handles like a dream and she loves to please.  If you want color, conformation, and the best in bloodlines this girl is for you.  Buy her with a down payment and pay her off by the time she weans.  Call Doug Ripley   256-303-0603  
 Lil Rustys Still Rowdy
This is a gorgeous bay filly out of my They Call Me Rusty mare and my Stallion The Virginia Coal Miner by Rowdy Rawhide.  She is personality plus.  She ties and leads and loves to please and be handled.  Her color and conformation and bloodlines are the best money can buy.  She will make you a fast ride and one day will have beautiful babies with color.  Buy her with a down payment and pay her off by the time she weans.  Call Doug Ripley   256-303-0603  
This beautiful sorrel stud colt is out of three incredible bloodlines.  His dam is directly out of Highway to Hell and granddaughter of Choice's Flashy Cut and both of them are WGC Speed Racking Horses.  His sire is my stallion The Virginia Coal Miner by Rowdy Rawhide. This boy can't help but fly.   He is 10 months old and so gentle and easy to handle.  This boy will make you the envy of your friends.  If you would like to own him call me at 256-303-0603.  Doug Ripley  
 Spotted Blue Madness
This beautiful tobiano filly is a Rare Find!!!  She is a full Standardbred with a tattooed dam and her sire is Big Blue Madness.  She has it all, color, conformation, size, bloodlines, speed and a head full of sense.  She will make you a great ride and then an even better broodmare.  If you have wanted color without compromising speed here it is.   Purchase her now while she is on her mommy and pay her off in payments before she is weaned.  Call me at 256-303-0603.  Doug Ripley  
 Rowdy @ Night Shade
This beautiful tobiano colt has two full brothers who are under saddle and hitting speeds of 25 mph in a 4 beat rack.  His dam is out of the WGC TWH Black Night Shade and his sire is Coal Miner by Rowdy Rawhide.  This is why you have the heart and speed.  He certainly has the color and conformation to go with his true 4 beat gait.  He will be a 15-15.2 hands horse.  He will make you a great ride and even a breeding prospect if you want.  Buy him now and make payments while he is on his mommy.  Call me at 256-303-0603.  Doug Ripley