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Ripley's Speed Racking Horses
Ripley's Speed Racking Horses
You are getting the Rowdy Rawhide bloodline crossed with mares out of the best bloodlines in the breed. 
A great sire and great dam make a fantastic offspring.  It has taken a few years for Coal Miner to prove himself as a great producer and now his babies are out there telling his story.  These babies go fast so call now and make a deposit, you will be glad you did.
This 4 day of filly (at the time of this picture) is out of a direct Rowdy Rawhides Lightning mare and the Virginia Coal Miner by Rowdy Rawhide.  She is 3/4 Standardbred and the 1/4 is out of a 18 MPH racking mare.  This filly really has the looks and talent as you can see in the video.  Although she is a sorrel now we won't know what color she will be.  Her sire and dam are both buckskins.  She will have the speed and a very gentle behavior.  She already loves attention.  She is for sale.  You can make a down payment and then have her paid for by the time she is weaned.  Call or text 256.303.0603.
This buckskin filly with black points has the best of the Highway to Hell and Rowdy Rawhide bloodlines. She is gentle and easy to handle.  She is three (3) days old at the time of this picture.  Her dam is a direct daughter of Highway to Hell, a 12 time Grand Champion speed racker and Coal Miner by Rowdy Rawhide.  She is 100% standard bred and will have the speed and looks to go with it.  She will mature at 15.2 hands.  Buy her now with a down payment and make payments until she is weaned.  Call or text 256.303.0603.
This sorrel filly's dame is a direct daughter of the famous Rev. Homer and her sire is Coal Miner by Rowdy Rawhide.   She is 3/4's standard bred and will mature at 15.2 hands.  This girl will have the speed and confirmation that will have you the envy of your friends.  Buy her now with a down payment and make payments until she is weaned.  Call or text 256.303.0603.  A 2017 edition.
This bay filly with all black points was born on 7/6/2017.  She has some of the greatest bloodline in the industry from WGC's.  Her sire is Coal Miner who is directly out of Rowdy Rawhide and her dam is a direct daughter of the 13 time WGC Highway to Hell and is also in the bloodline of Choice's Flashy Cut the WGC Speed Racker.  This girl has the genes that will make her extremely fast and smooth.  She is a trotter and not a pacer.  You can see from this three month old picture she is build for speed.  She is easy to handle and very sensible and has a motor.  This one won't last long, so if you want her call me and we will negotiate a price and pay on her while she is still on her mommy.  Call or text 256.303.0603.
Rowdy Chick on the Highway
This lit up little Filly is out of our Rowdy Girl and Hustler the 30 plus MPH Standard bred Stallion.  She is 8 hours old in this picture.  This cross is going to be great. She already loves for us to handle her, amazing.  She didn't even flinch when I gave her the tetanus shot .  Buy her now with a down payment and pay her off while she is still on her mommy.  All my babies are leading and learning from day one.  When you pick them up at wearing they are ready for you.  Call or text 256.303.0603. 
A 2017 edition.
This 5 month old Filly is an eye catcher.  She looks like she will turn a dark buckskin.  Her dame is a direct daughter out of the WGC He Is Putting On The Ritz and she is Palomino with a white mane and tail.  Her sire is Coal Miner which is a direct son of Rowdy Rawhide, that is where the buckskin color is coming from. This Filly looks like a Saddle bred.  I can assure you she will be fast, big and smooth. Call for a price.    256.303.0603.  
This is a one of a kind.  Her mommy is out of two WGC. The sire is Highway to Hell and the dam is Choice's Flashy Cut.  Her daddy is Coal Miner by Rowdy Rawhide.  She is 30 days old in this picture. She is a beautiful blue roan with all black points like her mommy. She has a motor as big as Texas.  She should mature at 15 hands or better.  This color is the most sought after color in the industry.  One day under saddle this girl with be an incredible ride.  She is your forever horse.  She is owned by Jamey Cantrell of Nashville, TN.  Call Jamey for a price at 615-406-4474.
At the time of this photo this filly is 9 hours old.  This beautiful bay Filly with four white matching socks is out of my stallion The Virginia Coal Miner by Rowdy Rawhide and Royal Lady, a direct Rev. Homer mare that is out of a full Standardbred mommy.  Her full brother was my ride for two years and he was PGS at 29 MPH many times and it was a pure singlefoot and no pace. This is my second year of crossing the Rawhide and Homer bloodlines and the Get is incredible.  This is the two of the best blood lines in the Speed Racking/Singlefooting world.  My breeding experience is, you have to breed to the best to get the best.  If you want the best, now is the time to own this great cross. She will make a 15 - 15.2 hand horse.  I will take down payment and then you can pay for her over the next six months until she is weaned.  Call of text me at 256.303.0603  
This is your opportunity to own a Rev. Homer stud colt.  This yearling is big and nice.  This will make you a great ride with lots of speed and a breeding stud for your mares.  His breeder is Buhal Bush who is the original owner and trainer who made the Great Rev. Homer.  Nobody knows this breed better.  So if you want the best for your forever horse, here he is.  Call Buhal at 606-231-1504.
this Tobinao stud Colt is four (4) days old in these pictures. He is my 4th out of this Marshall Dillon Mare and Coal Miner by Rowdy Rawhide.  This cross has produced big stout athletic horses. They range between 20-25 mph and are smooth as silk. All of them have incredible confirmation and are so easy to handle. If interested I will take a down payment and the remainder can be paid over the next 5-6 months. The two video's show him less than a week old and the last one shows him at 31 days. He is my last baby for this season.  Call or text 256-303-0603. Doug Ripley