" The Virginia Coal Miner "

Coal Miner is a Beautiful Buckskin Stallion, a direct son of Rowdy Rawhide and standardbred mare "Easy Going". He's coming four years old in this picture, he is six years old now.  His gait is a perfect four beat that is music to your ears.  His ride is smooth as glass, the kind you can ride all day and never be sore. No tricks or gimmicks needed, he is as natural as God made him. We are proud to own him and now offer him as our Breeding Stallion.
Doug Ripley
Family & Horses

Doug was born with a love of horses in his heart. He started riding when he was a young boy. He is passionate about Family & Horses.

Doug owned Marshall Dillion one the greatest spotted TWH of all time. When Marshall passed away he decided to change his Breeding Program from TWH Horses to Speed Racking Horses, (Single-Footing Horses).

He took some of his Marshall Dillion mares and bred them to his Speed Racking Stallion, Coal Miner. The colts out of this cross are beautiful & TROTTY. You know what that means. They will have a FAST RACK! His first crop are now going under saddle and are producing a 15-20 mph horse, that is smooth down slow and up fast.

He has several standardbred mares bred to Coal Miner.  This babies should reach speeds of 25+ mph and will be smooth.

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Ripley's Speed Racking Horses
Ripley's Speed Racking Horses
" EZD'S Falcon Rowdy "
(Godfather of all Rowdy Horses)

He is the Grand Sire of Coal Miner. I placed their pictures side by side so you can see the incredible resemblance. No horse or rider can compare to EZD'S Falcon Rowdy and Johnny Demetris.

Johnny made EZD'S Falcon Rowdy a winner both on the trail and in the ring. He was the 1983 World Grand Champion Speed Racking Horse. He produced winners and his Get keep producing winners.
Buckskin & Palomino Lovers take note...The Coal Miner is producing beautiful Buckskin and palomino babies. We couldn't be more excited. Coal Miner is proving to be a great producer. Take a look for yourself at his babies here in our website. They have a high head set and a good square build.

We would love to sell you one of our beautiful Colts or breed your special mare. Either way we make it easy.

Our breeding Program is like no other. See Breeding Page for more information.
14 day old palomino out of Coal Miner and Speck's Indian Squaw (Speck grandaughter).         

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